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Women's Choice Award

March 11 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

“Word of mouth” has always been an important way to share information. Whether over the back fence or over the phone, our grandmothers and mothers have shared experiences, insights, opinions and recommendations with one another for generations. While today’s online world has expanded our ability to find recommendations and advice, it has also multiplied the number of options available for almost everything we purchase.

One of today’s most trusted sources for accurate product reviews and recommendations is the Women’s Choice Award. Recognized as “The Voice of Women,” the seal represents the extraordinary power and significance of today’s female consumer.  In fact, 9 out of 10 women surveyed by an independent source said that they would recommend PureCare’s mattress and pillow protectors to their family and friends. As a result, all PureCare mattress and pillow protectors proudly bare the exclusive seal of the Women’s Choice Award. That’s huge!

As a thank you to all of our fans and followers for sharing the love, we’re giving back in a big way. Visit today through March 30th to register for a chance to win a complete PureCare bedroom health and wellness makeover for up to four bedrooms in your home! If you’ve already registered, you can double your chances of winning right here and now by commenting on this post. Simply reply with your email address as well as the keyword phrase “Sleep Health & Wellness”.

Thank you again to our unbelievable fans and good luck in the sweepstakes!

PureCare Kayla

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Welcome to PureCare

February 25 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

For over a decade we’ve dedicated our time, energy and passion to the sleep health and wellness of our customers. Through amazing exclusive partnerships with the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Awards, PureCare’s message and products have set the tone and raised the bar for healthy sleep.  Our goal is simple; to help you create the healthiest and most comfortable sleep environment for you and your family with our premium collection of sleep essentials.

As a whole, we have the opportunity to sleep healthier than any generation before us. Let us help you create a haven of sleep health and wellness in your home. PureCare’s antibacterial silver-treated mattress and pillow protectors, sheets, pillows and mattress toppers eradicate bacteria from your sleep environment while protecting you from the bed bugs, dust mites, mold and mildew that lead to harmful night-time asthma and allergies.

We love hearing from our fans. Please share your stories, tips and questions with us on Facebook and Twitter and checkout our Pinterest page for inspirations on all things sleep. Join us and countless other parents, fans and friends from all over the world as we continue to create a global language of sleep health and wellness.

Chat soon,
PureCare Kayla

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