PureCare SUB-0º Hybrid Pillows Collection: Parenting Healthy

July 12 2017
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Are rising temperatures coming in between you and your sweet sleep? You’re not alone! Our PureCare SUB-0º Hybrid pillows are designed with our exclusive FRíO technical textile fibers and premium fills that fuse the wellness and cooling support you need on these dog days when trying to drift off to dreamland is a struggle. But don’t take our word for it, our friend Erinn of ParentingHealthy took our SUB-0º Gel-egant and Replenish pillows to the task recently.

Erinn is a wife, mom and stepmom to boys – no small feat! But with an emphasis on the balance of education and keeping an active lifestyle, Erinn has created a blog chock full of great tips and reviews aimed to provide insight to create the healthiest and happiest of days for the whole family.

Be sure to check out Erinn’s blog and her great review of our SUB-0º pillows, where you can also enter to win her Giveaway of our SUB-0º Hybrid pillows!