Can Your Sheets Help You Sleep Better?

August 26 2015
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This week we're excited to feature Lori Strong with Strong Little Sleepers on our blog!

When I became a child sleep consultant, I started to not only pay attention to products that help children sleep better, but also to those that might positively influence the way adults sleep. After all, it does a parent no good if their baby or toddler is sleeping great, but they continue to have an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Many parents spend a great deal of time thinking about the products they put in their children’s bedrooms, but they don’t give much thought to their own sleep environment—sheets included!

My current sheets have been getting on my nerves a little bit lately. They feel hot pretty quickly after I get into bed (I can blame part of that on a sweaty husband, but a lot of it is probably the material). The elastic also slips off the mattress after a few days and I sometimes find myself tangled in with my fitted sheet. I kept saying I needed to try new sheets, but it wasn’t something I was getting around too very quickly. So, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out three new sets of sheets that are innovative and have more than comfort in mind.  The Elements™ line of sheets by PureCare® has made me more aware of the fibers that go into our sheets and how they can aid in a healthy night’s sleep.

The first set of sheets I tried were the Bamboo Terrene™ sheets, which are made out of bamboo rayon and long staple cotton fibers. We have a bamboo blanket on our couch that is incredibly soft and does not make you too hot even when you use it in the summertime, but I’d never tried any other bamboo fiber products before. Prior to trying these sheets I didn’t know that bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. The bamboo rayon and cotton weave used in these sheets is also treated with antibacterial silver ions that deactivate bacteria on contact.  The feel of these sheets were soft and crisp and sleeping was very comfortable.  These sheets would be perfect for anyone wanting to add soft and breathable sheets to their sleep environment without adding any extra bulk in the way of an extra blanket or comforter that may make you sweat; perfect for a cool Texas fall night or a cool evening anywhere else in the country!

The Celliant® Lumen™ sheets were the second set I put on my bed. Made out ofCelliant®™ performance fibers™, these sheets are intended to absorb and store your body’s energy and help increase circulation and maintain body temperature. Anyone who has ever woken in the middle of the night because they feel too hot on their sheets would love these! I am one of these sleepers, and I didn’t wake up feeling sweaty when the air conditioning turned off in the middle of the night. I also noticed that my feet and legs did not feel swollen or achy (which seems to be happening more often as I get older) when I woke up in the morning.

The last set I tried were the SeaCell™ Halio™ sheets. These sheets are made ofSeaCell™ fibers created from seaweed and natural cellulose. I don’t know about you, but the only interaction I have with seaweed is when I eat sushi or when I’m at the beach, so I was very intrigued by this.  Also a natural antioxidant, the seaweed extract aids in nurturing your skin and reducing inflammation while you sleep. Regardless of the technology, these sheets just feel luxurious to me! My husband often tosses and turns a lot at night, but commented that he felt more rested after a few days of sleeping on these sheets.

One of the best features of all of the Elements™ sheets is the pocketed precision-fit™ corners™ and thick elastic cuff on the fitted sheet. An annoying aspect of many sheet sets is the fitted sheet does not stay in place if you move around a lot at night. You may even end up tangled in your fitted sheet if the elastic becomes worn out.  They do take some effort to put on your bed because of the thick elastic, but once the Elements™ sheets are on your bed, they are not going to come off unless you take them off! There is even an extra 4 inches of fabric to fit higher mattresses.  The pillow cases also have a deep enveloping pocket to remain secure on your pillow.

As I was trying out these sheets, I took a trip to Chicago to attend a sleep retreat and stayed at a really nice hotel that has trademarked their sheets and beds.  I have to admit that I slept better on the Elements™ sheets at home and I am usually one who loves to sleep in a hotel bed!  If you don’t think about sheets very often, chances are you’re sleeping on some older ones (like I was) and are in need of something new.  Why not make your newest set of sheets a set that naturally helps your body while you sleep? It’s like taking restful sleep to another level.

I am so excited to announce that PureCare®, whose protector products are the official protectors of both the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Award, has graciously offered to give away sets of their Terrene™, Lumen™, and Halio™ sheets!! Three lucky readers will each win one set of sheets and will get to test out this great sleep fiber technology for themselves! Enter our giveaway HERE!

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