Are Spring Allergens Are Affecting Your Sleep?

April 22 2015
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Spring – the season when we say goodbye to the cold, wet and snowy winter, and hello to sunshine, budding trees, blooming flowers and warm breezes. For anyone who has suffered through a brutal winter, spring is a celebration…of sorts. It’s also a time when nearly 60 million Americans start to sniffle, sneeze and suffer their way through spring allergies and allergy-induced asthma.

Most of us think of allergens affecting us during the day, but for many people severe allergic reactions can lead to breathing problems, snoring, and sleeping problems causing fatigue and decreased productivity. In fact, many seasonal allergies are compounded by the allergens that exist in your sleep environment year-round including dust mites, bacteria, molds and pet dander just to name a few. The good news is that there are a variety of solutions for allergy sufferers looking to find relief.  

Besides dusting and vacuuming regularly,  washing your bedding weekly and keeping bedroom windows closed, consider the benefits of incorporating PureCare’s health and wellness protectors within your sleep environment. Take back your bedroom by encasing and protecting your pillows and mattress with our total encasement mattress covers. These products not only help to eradicate bacteria, but prevent bed bugs, dust mites, moisture and irritants from making your home their own.

Of course protecting your sleep environment is only a portion of PureCare’s mission. Our technical textile infused FRíO and Celliant performance fiber protectors enhance your sleep system, providing cooling and restorative benefits. Our Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protectors infuse fragrance into your sleep environment, helping you to breathe, relax and most importantly, sleep. And of course our entire collection of protector products are the official protectors of both the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Award.

Still have questions? Reach out to us for more insight on how to make your bedroom a healthier and safer place to sleep during allergy season. We look forward to hearing from you.

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